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16th Edition

27 September 2020

289d 23h 13m 42s
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1. Are there still entry places available ?
Registration page on Nextrace website reports the actual free place still available.

2. Are there special agreements with hotels or campings ?
yes, please check all information under "Hotel" menu.

3. Is it possible to park camping car in public area ?
In the Marina di Campo town it is forbidden to park a camping car outside official campings or a specific free area located in La Pila.

4. How many aid-stations and restoration points are on the race course ?
Please check all inforamtion in specific "Swim", "Bike", "Run" and "Food and Beverage" pages under "Race" menu.

5. Is wetsuit allowed ?
Decision is taken by race marshals. In the previous edition wetsuit was always allowed and water temperature between 19 and 21C.

6. Is there a bike-doctor service ?
Yes, the service is organized in the expo area.

7. Is it necessary to hold a licence for competing ?
Yes, absolutely! You need a licence from a triathlon federation for competing. For all deatiled information please read carefully "Registration" page under "Race" menu. It is possible to obtain a licence from organizer under certain conditions.

8. Elbaman73 participants can check-out their bike before Elbaman participants ?
Yes, please read complete schedule and detailes on the race book.

9. Can I collect my price out of the official ceremony ?
No, prizes are distributed only during official ceremony.

10. I am in the entry list, but I can not compete anymore. Can I be refunded or can I ask someone to replace me ?
Refund policy is clearly written in the "Registration" menu page "Transfer/Withdrawal". An entry can not be taken for the next edition.

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