REGISTRATIONS OPENING: 03.11.2022 – 10.00am (CET)



Come back to find out the opening date of the registrations for the next edition!

Book your special travel package including accomodation + ferry and get a special discount on the entry fee!
Check the page accomodation/ferry for further details.

It’s recommended to read carefully all registration rules written in this page and in the “trasnfer/witdrawal” page.

For any unclear point or further information, the only one point of contact is:


It’s possible until 28.02.2023 to register and choose a discounted fee option. The discount applied to the base fee (see table) is 30 € (Individuals) or 60  € (relay teams). The discounted fee doesn’t include the race gadget (for example: Elbaman backpack). All other services are the same for all fees, including Finisher medal and finisher T-shirt.

Starting from 01.03.2023 only the base fee (including race gadget) is available.


Deadlines ELBAMAN Places ELBAMAN73 Places RELAY FULL
by 31.12.2022 260 € SOLD OUT 15 155 € SOLD OUT 20 25 Places
by 31.12.2022 290 € SOLD OUT 20 175 € SOLD OUT 40 360 € – by 24.08.2023
by 28.02.2023 320 € SOLD OUT 30 200 € SOLD OUT 80 RELAY 73
by 30.06.2023 400 € Capienza 235 € Capienza 25 Places
by 24.08.2023 440 € Capienza 250 € Capienza 240 € – by 24.08.2023


  • It’s possible to buy an insurance when registering for the race. It costs 35 € (individuals) or 10€ (member of a relay team). It gives the right for wider advantages in case of withdrawal. Further details at the page >> WITHDRAWAL / TRANSFER <<
  • Insurace can be bought only when registering and can not be added.

Exclusive Club member benefit:

  • If an official Exclusive Club member has the right to request  a ticket for  discount of 20€ (Elbaman) or 10€ (Elbaman73),
  • Discount can be claimed only before registering into the race. After registration is completed, the righe for discount is not more valid.
  • Discount is not valid for relay teams.
  • Organizer is not responsible to check if an Exclusive Club membr hasn’t took the advantage of the present offer.

Pre registraion Ticket rules

  • Pre-registered athletes have received a ticket.
  • It’s no longer possible to buy pre-registration ticket. 


  • Registraion is possible only with the online platform
  • Registraton for first 3 (Elbaman / Elbaman73) tiers is possible only with Credit Card. If you miss to pay immediately with a valid Credit Card, reigstration is not valid and is deleted.
  • 5% is the service fee requested from the registration provider. This amount is not included in the entry fee.
  • Entry fees changes at the date specified OR when places available for a specific tier are all sold.
  •  No group discounted are granted.
  • No free entries are granted. Only “always present” athletes and winners of individual races in previous edition are invited with a free entry.
  • Organizer serves the right to distribute a limited number of wild-cards (not free entries) and to refuse registration of an athlete.
  • No waiting list is open after sold-out. It remains the chance to exchange entry with another athlete as of specified in the page “withdrawal/name change”
  • If an athlete wish to pay with a bank transfer, she/he has 3 days to complete it and send a copy of the transfer to The 5% service fee has to be paid in any case.

Bank Account:

Next Race Srls
IBAN – IT91 Z020 0805 0850 0010 5134 837
Banca UniCredit

A valid licence released by a Triathlon Federation affiliated with ITU is mandatory. No licence = No race.

It’s possible to register, sending licence/club data when avaialable. If licence data are not yet available, you can leave blank fields about licence n. and club.

If you do not hold any licence you can apply for a daily pass (please see below). Because rules for obtaining a daily pass are a bit “tricky” in italy (concerining laws for medical certification required), we remind that some recognized federations sells online a valid annual licence and you can get it in few minutes (for example USA TRI annual membership)

Organizer is not responsible if triathlon licence issued by any ITU federation (except of Italian Triathlon Federation) doesn’t cover participants with its insurrance policy.


Athletes without any valid licence can apply for a daily pass. Please read carefully all rules about Daily pass ! In that case it is possibile to leave empty fields about licence and club.

In order to obtain the daily pass, each athlete has to present at registration office:

  • A sport medical certification for Triathlon issued by an Italian Sport Doctor and not dated before 24.09.2022. Certification not Triathlon specific or issued out of Italy are NOT valid. (*)
  • Daily pass form to be dowoloaded from Triathlon Federation here (“Scheda tesseramento giornaliero”): > LINK
  • Cost of daily pass is 30euro (individual) or 15euro (relay team member), to be paid cash at registration office. The fee is entirely deposited by organizer to FITRI (Italian Triathlon Federation).
(*) We advice the not Italian resident, that could encounter difficulties in obtaining a valid medical certification, to consider the option to buy a valid annual membership from one of the national federation allowing a purchase through an online procedure, easy and at reasonable cost. For example the Annual Membership from USA Triathlon or from British Triathlon

Hai un amico (o piu’ di uno!) che non ha MAI preso parte ad Elbaman e lo vuoi portare con te a provare l’evento? Ecco quello che fa per voi!

Per l’edizione 2023 si propone la promozione “Porta uno… o piu’ amici!”, secondo seguenti regole

  • Un atleta (in seguitio “il proponente”), già in passato partecipante a Elbaman (full, oppure half. No Staffetta) si iscrive contemporaneamente con uno o piu’ amici . Ognuno riceve uno sconto di 20 € (iscrizione Elbaman individuale) oppure 15 € (iscrizione Elbaman73 individuale).
  • Il proponente riceve uno sconto aggiuntivo per ogni ulteriore amico iscritto a Elbaman per la prima volta (10 € se l’amico si iscrive a Elbaman, 5 € se si iscrive a Elbaman73). lo sconto massimo praticabile al proponente è pari a 50 €.
  • Ognuno degli atleti del gruppo si deve iscrivere individualmente usando il ticket sconto di iscrizione ricevuto (vedi sotto). L’iscrizione di tutti i componenti della comitiva deve avvenire nella finestra di apertura dalla promozione.
  • La promozione non è sempre valida,. ma viene attivata a sorpresa, in una finestra di tempo limitata di 5 giorni, durante il periodo di apertura iscrizioni (o comunque fino a che le gare non siano sold-out). In ogni caso la promozione verrà aperta almeno 2 volte dalla data di apertura iscrizioni. 
  • L’apertura della finestra di validità della promozione viene pubblicizzata via social e sito web una settimana circa prima dell’apertura della finestra. Sin da subito si possono richiedere i ticket sconto da usarsi per iscriversi durante il periodo di 5 giorni di apertura della finestra. Richiesta di ticket avvenute prima dell’avviso di apertura della promozione, non vengono considerate.
  • i Ticket sconto vanno richiesti dal proponente via email a specificando Cognomi, Nomi, Date di nascita ed email di tutti membri della comitiva ed evidenziando quale sia nell’elenco il nome del proponente (N.B. Una unica email per tutto il gruppo!). Dopo le verifiche del caso, viene inviato un ticket sconto ad ognuno degli aventi diritto.

Di seguito la timeline della promozione da quando viene pubblicizzata a quando viene chiusa.

porta un amico timeline

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