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12th Edition

27 September 2020

289d 23h 13m 42s
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It's recommended to read carefully all registration rules written in this page and in the "trasnfer/witdrawal" page.

For any unclear point or further information, the only one point of contact is - iscrizioni@nextrace.net

ENTRY OPENING: 29 October 2019 - 10.00 am (CET)
ENTRY CLOSING: 25 August 2020

ELBAMAN Places | ELBAMAN73 Places
within 31.12.2019 230 Euro 15 SOLD OUT | 125 Euro 15 SOLD OUT
within 31.12.2019 280 Euro 50 SOLD OUT | 155 Euro 50 SOLD OUT
within 31.03.2020 320 Euro 70 SOLD OUT | 180 Euro 130 SOLD OUT
01.04/31.07.2020 350 Euro Capacity | 210 Euro Capacity
01.07/25.08.2020 390 Euro | 210 Euro
- Entry fees change at the date specified OR when places available for a specific tier are all sold.
- Some payment methods (i.e. Credi card) require a 5% service fee

Pre-registered Athlete - We remind that pre-registration ticket is valid until 31.01.2020. Registration has to be completed within this date then ticket is not more valid. Rules and advantges of the ticket are explained in paper received with it.

- It's possible to entry only with online procedure.
- Registration in Tier 1 and 2 for individual races have to be completed only with credit card payment.
- Payment with credit card / sofort transfer / paypal requires a service fee not included in entry fee.
- No group discounts are granted.
- No free-entries are distributed. Winners of Elbaman and Elbaman73 individuals are invited for the next edition.
- Organizer serves the right to distribute a limited number of wild cards (at the fee cost) and to refuse the registration of an athlete explaining reasons.
- When race is sold-out, NO WAITING LIST is open. It's possible to transfer name to another athlete following rules written in "Transfer/Withdrawal" page.
- Bank transfer: if you choose to pay with a wire transfer, send the payment receipt within 3 days of registration to iscrizioni@nextrace.net, without payment, the name is cancelled from entry list.
Bank Account:
Next Race Srls
IBAN - IT91 Z020 0805 0850 0010 5134 837
Banca UniCredit

A valid licence released by a Triathlon Federation affiliated with ITU is mandatory. No licence = No race.

It's possible to register, sending licence/club data when avaialable. If licence data are not yet available, you can leave blank fields about licence n. and club.

Organizer is not responsible if triathlon licence issued by any ITU federation (except of Italian Triathlon Federation) doesn't cover participants with its insurrance policy

Athletes without any valid licence can apply for a daily pass. Please read carefully all rules about Daily pass ! In that case it is possibile to leave empty fields about licence and club.

In order to obtain the daily pass, each athlete has to present at registration office
- A sport medical certification for Triathlon issued by an Italian Sport Doctor and not dated before 28.09.2019. Certification not Triathlon specific or issued out of Italy are NOT valid.
- Daily pass form to be downloaded here:>FITRI Daily Pass form

- Cost of daily pass is 30euro (individual) or 15euro (relay team member), to be paid cash at registration office.

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