With the launch of the new website, we can’t avoid to present something special. Here it is “Elbaman do-it-yourself”. An opportunity to live Elbaman 2020 with an adeguate social distancing.

Press release 01.08.2020

Elbaman 2020 become a “do-it-yourself” event and presents a new website!
Unfortunately the 2020 event was cancelled, as you all are aware of, but we are sure that many athletes cannot resist to visit our wonderful Elba Island, maybe in a more “relaxed” way. In order to add some spice to your holiday, Elbaman presents the initiative “Elbaman do-ityourself”, dedicated to those who try to test themselves on
race courses.

It’s not a virtual race or a contest, it’s only a way to live our passion, Elbaman and Elba Island together even if apart.

We remind that our partner travel agency Margherita Viaggi (booking@elbaman.it) is always available to help you finding the best accommodation and offer you ferry tickets from our partner MOBY.
Velonext Shop in Marina di Campo will be happy to help you for any bike need.


  • it’s necessary to complete 3 disciplines in standard triathlon order: swim-bike-run on the full or half distance at your choice in a 48h time frame from the start of the swim. No matter how long and what you do in your “transition time” J
  • register 3 sessions with a GPS device and download them on an online platform accessible and visible without specific account
  • send 3 links in 1 email to team@elbaman.it including your personal home address for sending the prize
  • when possible send also your photo with authorization to publish on our social (or publish photos on your social account tagging Elbaman on Facebook/Instragram)
  • validity from 01.08 to 15.10.2020


  • for all those who have completed a full Elbaman or a half Elbaman73 will receive a ticket for a 20 € discount to 2021 edition. Additionally a small prize will be sent by postal mail.
  • athletes that has already subscribed for a 2021 pre-registration will receive only the prize by postal mail (they are already enrolled to receive a ticket with discount)

Official course Bike and Run can be downloaded from following links:

We remind that “Elbaman do-it-yourself” is not a race. No time will be considered and there will not be a ranking. Traffic laws and rules have to be followed.
In particular pay attention in 2 points of bike course

  1. Internal passage in S.Ilario (Elbaman) is on a closed small street in the wrong way. Please cover it on the correct way accordingly to traffic laws!
  2. The return section from La Pila to Marina di Campo at the end of the lap is covered, during race day, in the wrong way closing the whole section (1km about). You can anyhow follow the course, but only passing through the cycle lane. This lane is narrow with a couple of blind turn., please ride on it SLOW and with extreme care!

Finally we are also happy to announce that, taking advantage of this unusually “calm” year, we have prepared a new website that we hope could make your navigation easier and clearer.

Elbaman Staff



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