ELBAMAN Triathlon is born in 2004 as a Medium Distance (Half) triathlon. It was 17.October and just about 100 braves chanllenged the waves and mountains of Elba Island.

From 2005 the full distance 226k is intoduced. Race center, since the first edition, is always Marina di Campo, the wider district of Campo nell’Elba.

Swim course is practically the same since the beginning, excepted for the change in direction operated around 2013.

Bike course, except for the first full edition in 2005, was always held in the west part of Elba, involving the towns of Marciana and Marciana Marina. Some changes and adaptions came in succesion years by years, even if the course was always a 3-laps one.

Also run course has come to many adaptations in order to be less boring and best fans-friendly possible.

Elbaman was, for at least a decade, the only one chance to compete in a full triathlon in Italy. From 2007 to 2010, the event was entitled as Italian Championship Long distance.

From 2004 to 2007 the organizer was ASD Triathlonlecco. From 2008 the ownership was retrived by ASD Aethalia Triathlon, able to develop the event to what is now today. From 2019 the organizer has transformed and rebranded into Elbaman Team ssdrl.

Below: Elbaman Staff group foto after 2019 edition – the true pulsating heart of the event



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