1.9 km
Swim is done inside the bay of Marina di Campo on a 1900m course. Course is clockwise. Yellow buoys are only for indicating direction, instead orange buoys sign the course and need to be taken on your right.
1h 15′
  • NAUTICA SPORT – Portoferraio
  • Tel – +39.0565.915241


90 km

Height difference roughly 650m/lap – Total height difference roughly 1300m

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Bike lap 1 > 3.00 pm
Bike end (T2 entry) > 6.00 pm
T2 exit (excluding any stop at penalty box) > 6.30 pm

Do you need to rent a bike?
CHRONO BIKE – Elbaman Bike Doctor
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Bike is on the entire west-ring road of Elba Island to be done clockwise and need to be completed 2 times. Start is in Marina di Campo and direction towards Cavoli, Fetovaia, etc.
In Pomonte you find first aid station and an rolling road arrives until Chiessi where a long uphill begins for reaching Marciana, the highest point of the course at 350m on the sea level.
Just after Marciana town center there is a 300m steep downhill and, at the end, you need to turn left. Here it begins a 6km technical downhill that takes you back to sea level in Marciana Marina. Please take care while descending! After Marciana Marina a 6km quite flat part takes you to Procchio where you need to turn right towards Marina di Campo for last 4km of the course.


First part of the course through the coast passing Pomonte, Fetovaia, Pomonte is a rolling section with continuous up and down scenic road on the seaside.
The main climb starts in Chiessi and its firs part (2.5km) is the most difficult until a place called “Punta nera” where the scenic view of the sea is incredible. Second part is much easier with also some flat sections.
Downhill from Marciana to Marciana Marina is very technical with a lot of u-turns, please be extremely careful ! Wind is easily present in Elba, as of in any island, and the most probable in the race period is from south (called Scirocco). This wind can be an help on the most of the course until top of Marciana, but is on the face in the last 4km of the lap from Procchio to Marina di Campo. Suggested gears : 53/39 x 13/26-28 or compact 50/34 x 11/25. It’s preferable to use road bike and not extremely aggressive TT bikes. Disk wheel are allowed, but take care if wind is present.


21.1 km

You enter the first lap of run course about 100m out of T2. Run course is divided into 6 laps of 7km each for a total of 42.2km or 3 laps, total 21.1km, for Elbaman73.
You can find 1 aid-station at the u-turn called “Piastraia”, another at u-turn “Viale Etruschi” and another aid station in the midway used in both direction (check the map). You can consider to have a total of 4 station for each lap (24 total or 12 for Elbaman73).
When you have finished last lap you enter the final corridor tha takes you to finish line in front of townhall.
Toilets are located at u-turns and on the seaside.

The course is almost flat, except for a light slope when passing in the center of the town and about 500m before the second u-turn where there is a very short (10m) uphill.
The whole course is on asphalt, except of 200m paved in the center of Marina di Campo.

12:00 pm


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