World evolves and we need to keep the pace to meet needs and desire of our athletes. That’s why, also for 2023, we have thought to improve the offer of Elbaman to satisfy all the needs we have collected from your feedbacks.

Here we have a short summary, but please refers also to website on page Registration rules or Withdrawal / Transfer to get more details.

  • Elbaman73 (half) Relay race is now available togheter with the usual full distance relay race. For safety reasons, we can offer only 25 places for each of the two races
  • Registering within 28.02.2023 offers the possibility to choose a the standard or the discounted entry-fee. Individuals can save 30euro and each relay team member 20euro. This option offers the same service as the base-fee, with the exclusion of goody-bag (for example Elbaman Backpack)
  • We have a bit extened the time frame to switch the name intro entry list with another competitor. This is now possible until 15.09.2023.
  • The insurance option available during registration, offers new and  extended advantages.
  • Exclusive Club members can obtain better option discounts.
  • We will offer soon all-inclusive travel packages: hotel-ferry-entry fee with a global advantage in terms of costs.


We are also happy to inform that entry fees for discounted waves are practially unchanged or even lower than last year. That’s a big effort for us, consisdering huge increase of prices in the last 12 months and the fact that most of the budget come from entry-fees.

We are preparing other innovations and advantages… STAY TUNED!



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